Google Nexus 7 Removed from Play Store After Three Years on Market

Google Nexus 7 Removed from Play Store After Three Years on MarketThree years ago, Google gave us the first-ever Nexus 7, several months after Chairman Eric Schmidt had started teasing the arrival of a “tablet of highest quality.” And while it didn’t come with the best of specifications, the Nexus 7 lived up to Schmidt’s description, as it truly was a high-quality, yet simple device that had done quite well in the smaller tablet space. However, the Nexus 7 has apparently been pulled from the Google Play Store, and while supplies are still available at physical stores, it would appear that the device has reached its end of life.

This is apparently because Google wants to focus more on the newer, larger, and higher-end Nexus 9 tablet, which is understandable as the company didn’t release any Nexus 7 for the 2014 model year and has not been rumored to be releasing any follow-up either for the current year. The Nexus 9, on the other hand, was announced and released in 2014, and while substantially more expensive than the Nexus 7, it does carry on its predecessor’s high-quality tradition.

In the meantime, customers can try purchasing the Nexus 7 at retail or carrier stores while supplies are still in stock, or at third-party online retail stores like Amazon. As for the Play Store, multiple sightings suggest the Nexus 7 is “no longer available for purchase.”

Indeed, there was nothing fancy about the Nexus 7, regardless of whether it was the 2012 or 2013 model-year version. Its design lines weren’t anything special, but it wasn’t ugly. Its fundamentals were not great, but they were quite good considering the Nexus 7’s price point. But now that it’s gone from the Play Store, it looks like it’s getting a quiet, no-fanfare requiem, almost three years after it first hit the scene.