Google I/O 2013 Updates – Google Play Game Services Gets Formal Announcement

Google I/O 2013 Updates – Google Play Game Services Gets Formal AnnouncementAmong the many new services and products (emphasis on services) announced on Wednesday by Google and its Vice President Hugo Barra, one of the more looked-forward to is Google Play Game Services. This service aims to enhance the gaming experience of mobile game enthusiasts on Android, and its announcement, to say the least, is a timely one, given the growing popularity of mobile gaming.

The main features of Google Play Game Services include Achievements, Cloud Save, Google+ Circles support and Leaderboards. Achievements is mainly for game developers, as it allows them to include new achievements that gamers can unlock accordingly.

Cloud Save would allow players to save games in progress on the cloud, and sync the saved games between all Android devices, may they be smartphones or tablet computers. Leaderboards, on the other hand, show gamers how they rank compared to their other friends on Google+.

Last, but certainly not the least, Google+ Circles is probably the most salient feature of Google Play Game Services. Given the increased emphasis on the social element of gaming nowadays, Google+ Circles would allow gamers to use their Google+ account to play multiplayer games with friends and family members on their Google+ Circles.

All you have to do is to choose the people you would wish to play against, then invite them to a multiplayer game. Players invited to the session will receive notifications, which they would need to tap in order to accept and join in the game.