Google Applies for Smart Glove Patent: Possible Google Glass Companion Device?

First it was smartphones. Then it became smart television sets. Google, as you know, is due to capitalize on the trend of smart devices with its Project Glass, but that might not be all the search engine makers have in store for the future.

Photo credit: USPTO

Apparently, Google has also applied for another patent, this time for “smart gloves”, another possible means for one to use an external device to communicate with the virtual world.

Contrary to what others say, Project Glass isn’t a virtual reality project. It is an augmented reality project that allows people to use the glasses in conjunction with the Internet. The gloves, on the other hand, may take things a little further. These gloves seem like something right out a superhero movie or perhaps some unreleased James Bond epic.

According to the application, the recently-granted patent will suit the gloves up with several cameras, wireless support, motion sensors, a compass and accelerometer and even an internal memory feature. In short, it’s the ultimate pair of gloves and then some.

Once used, the accelerometer, compass and motion sensors will work in concert to allow the user to operate other devices simply by flicking their wrists, snapping their fingers or whatnot. Some have suggested that the gloves can be used to magnify far-away objects or even glean more information on these objects.

As this is just a newly-granted patent, we shouldn’t expect to hear a lot of things about Google Gloves. But in about a year or two from now, we just might.