Getting Ready for Retirement – Finding the Best Retirement Place

Getting Ready for Retirement - Finding the Best Retirement PlaceBack when you were younger, you probably couldn’t imagine this day. After tuning in, turning on, and dropping out in the late ‘60s, after getting a job like most of the “groovy” kids of the ‘60s and ‘70s did, after working your way up the corporate ladder from the ‘80s to the 2000s or so, it’s finally time to retire. With the kids all grown and your working life coming to an end, you may be thinking of relocating to reduce those home expenses. Or maybe you want to move so you could be closer to your adult son or daughter’s family, and finally get some quality time to bond with the grandkids.

Whatever the reason is, you’re probably planning some sort of a move. And if you are, you’ll want to consider a few things and use a few tools in order to make the right kind of move now that you’re all set to retire, or recently retired.

MOVE TO AN AREA THAT’S STILL NEAR YOU – Many senior citizens or retirees are, at this point in their lives, empty-nesters, or living at home with all their children having since moved out. According to a blog post from Jeff Yeager written for GoBankingRates, it could be smart to move about an hour or less away from your original home, if you’re looking for a smaller place to move into after retirement. This may allow you to be close to where you raised your family, and most of all, save some money as compared to moving far away from home.

MOVE WHILE EARLY, IF POSSIBLE – If you’ve still got about five to ten years before your expected retirement date, you may want to move to a cheaper place – doing the right research here is important – as early as now. You may be able to profit from selling your existing home, and once you reap the benefits of a move to a newer, more affordable home, you just might be able to retire considerably sooner than expected.

BUT WHAT IF YOU WANT TO MOVE FAR AWAY? – Then again, you may want to do the exact opposite and move as far away from home as possible. In other words, you might want to be an expatriate upon retirement, and look for a new country to move to and enjoy those golden years. is one of many forums where you can find advice and suggestions from actual expats, whether you’ve got serious plans to move to another country for good, or probably considering going there on vacation, at least for the meantime.

TOOLS FOR MOVING – You can’t go to war without weapons, and in this context, that means arming yourself with the right tools for your retirement move, and doing the right research. In the aforementioned blog post, Yeager suggested a couple of websites, including, which allows you to do comparison-shopping in thousands of cities, metros, and neighborhoods cross America, and, which offers options for retirement communities and assisted living. The official AARP website is, of course, a great place for blog posts on retirement spots and advice on how to properly transition into retired life.