FHA Mortgage Rates and Home Loans Today: SunTrust Mortgage Rates for April 12

SunTrust Jumbo Mortgage RatesU.S. mortgage loan provider, SunTrust (NYSE:STI) updated its interest rate information for April 12, which is discussed below.

Bear in mind, that the the lender’s mortgage rates are subject to change without prior notice and may vary upon loan approval or actual disbursement of funds. With the exception of loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) for borrowers with low credit scores, the interest rate quotes are given assuming the individual has strong financial standing. Additionally, lock-in periods apply for most mortgages and the loan terms may vary depending on the property’s location and geography.

The bank’s updated loan information revealed, that the 30-year fixed home purchase loan, which comes with a conforming loan balance, is offered at a rate of 3.625%. The mortgage loan’s annual percentage rate, which shows the interest and others costs of the mortgage at a yearly rate, is set at 3.8039%. The mortgage product also features 0.312 discount points. Borrowers, who favor the 15-year fixed home loan, will encounter a rate of 2.99%. The loan package has 0.014 discount points and an APR variable of 3.2544% rounds out the package.

Mortgages, which come with lower down payment requirements than standard conventional home loans are also available at this lender. Presently, the 30-year fixed rate FHA-insured mortgage is up for grabs at an interest cost equivalent to 3.375% and it carries 0.1 discount points. This type of government loan has an APR figure of 4.5428%.

Furthermore, home mortgages, which come with loan amounts that exceed conforming loan limits can be found under the Atlanta-based lender’s portfolio. The 30-year fixed rate home loan with a jumbo balance is up for grabs at an interest cost equivalent to 3.875%. The loan package has 0.688 discount points and an annual percentage rate of 4.0566%, according to our observations.

Loans that come with more interest rate flexibility can also be found at this mortgage provider. Under the bank’s flexible ARM portfolio, the Agency 5/1 adjustable rate home purchase loan is offered at a rate of 2.75%. According to the lender’s latest mortgage information, the corresponding annual percentage rate is set at 3.0706% and the loan features 0.118 discount points. Individuals, who lean toward the Agency 7/1 ARM, will see it being advertised at a rate of 2.9%. This type of mortgage loan has 0.123 discount points, whilst the APR stands at 3.1156%.

Details on borrowing terms and conditions as well as information on additional mortgage loan options can be found on the lender’s website.

Mortgage-finance company, Freddie Mac said on Thursday, that the interest rate on the 30-year fixed loan edged down to 3.66% from the previous 3.70%. Meanwhile, the average rate on the shorter-term 15-year fixed mortgage fell to 2.93% this week. A week earlier this type of mortgage loan averaged a rate of 2.98%, according to Freddie Mac.

A different company, Bankrate also published its weekly mortgage survey, which revealed that the interest rate on the 30-year mortgage remained steady at 3.82% this week. The interest rate on the shorter-term, 15-year mortgage inched down by 2 basis points to 3.04%, according to the survey. The current rate on the 5/1 adjustable rate mortgage improved in Bankrate’s survey, this type of mortgage is now coming out at 3.06%.