Facebook Tests Out Android Photo Sync Feature

A handful of Android users in the United States have apparently been selected by Facebook as the test subjects for its brand-new “Photo Syncing” feature, which could help bring the social networking giant’s mobile app on-par with its competitors.

Several weeks ago, Robert Scoble reported on this Photo Syncing test-run, which would allow select Android users automatically upload images taken with their smartphones to their Facebook profiles. Once uploaded, these pictures are saved to a private folder, and users can choose to remove them from Facebook or to share them publicly. Up to 2GB of mobile phone photos would be stored on the social network’s servers.

The Verge reported that only a “really small” number of devices are part of the test. If you’re one of the lucky few, then there should be a “Sync” button at the bottom of the Photos menu.

Scoble points out that the feature uploads a smaller version of the pictures (up to 960 pixels) if the option is selected while on a cellular network, while users on WiFi will upload versions of the images that are up to 2048 pixels in size.

If Facebook does roll out the Photo Sync feature to its other users, that would bring it quite a long way towards matching its competitors in the mobile space. While it dominates the social networking space, Facebook’s smartphone apps have been derided for being an unsatisfying experience for quite a while, but hopefully, this feature (combined with the recent release of a good version for iOS) means that the company is finally taking its mobile strategy seriously.