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Robert Gilmer



Robert is the founder and editor-in-chief of Eastern Morning Herald. He has worked in daily journalism for more than 15 years before he established Eastern Morning Herald. In the past he covered topics including business, technology and current affairs for various international print and online newspapers. His extensive background in journalism and enthusiasm for writing enabled him to share his views and opinions for wider audiences in the United States and Europe. Robert supervises the editorial board and oversees its work as well.

Elizabeth Atkins

Senior Writer


Elizabeth has created news reports for various radio networks, print magazines and newspapers in England for several years before he joined Eastern Morning Herald in 2011. She has also worked as a business correspondent in a number of Western European countries in the past. She is mainly contributing news pieces about business, finance and current affairs.

Adam Kowalski

Senior Writer


Adam is an experienced tech / gadget writer based in Warsaw, Poland. He has lived and worked as a journalist in several Eastern European countries including Poland, Hungary, Bosnia and Serbia among others, creating reports and market insights on key happenings.

Ryan Harding

Senior Writer


Prior to joining the board, Ryan had career stops at several online financial and tech related newspapers starting from 2006. Ryan is specialized on financial and tech / gadget topics and has more than 5 years of experience from these fields under his belt.

Tiffany Lynch

Senior Writer, Editorial Assistant


Tiffany is a senior professional, who has gained a vast experience being a legal news writer covering criminal justice, immigration etc. in the last couple of years. Tiffany plays an important role in the editorial board, being the editorial assistant as well.

Ivan Simunovic

Senior Writer


Based in Croatia, Ivan has worked as a news reporter for a number of Croatian local and national newspaper, before he joined our board. His work as a journalist covering a wide range of topics spans over 15 years.

Bianca Brodaric

Junior Writer


Hailing from Slovenia, Bianca has joined Eastern Morning Herald in December 2011. She is providing news articles in business topics.

Alexis Quintana Barreto

Senior Writer


Alexis is a contributing writer.

Charles Nomura

Junior Writer


Charles is a contributing writer.