Dell Previews Ivy Bridge-Powered Computers

dell vostro 470, vostro 470, vostro 470 release date, vostro 470 features, vostro 470 rumorsWednesday marked a very important day for Dell, as the computing giant announced several new laptops and desktops powered by the new “Ivy Bridge” Intel quad-core chipsets. These processors carry the codenames Core i5 and i7, and promise to deliver revolutionary performance in all areas, particularly processing speed and display quality.

This might be the best time for individuals and businesses to upgrade their present desktop or laptop computers. Business owners should find this especially interesting, as Dell’s initial releases are more geared towards corporate usage.

Dell’s main business-oriented unit is the Vostro 470, a follow-up to the previous Vostro 460 desktop. With 2 TB maximum internal storage, 12 GB worth of memory and the Ivy Bridge CPU, such a computer is ideal for small business needs. This desktop, as you can see, offers more than enough space to store those all-important office files and documents and more than enough speed to get work tasks done promptly.

May it be crunching numbers, editing Powerpoint or video presentations and designing websites, the Vostro 470 promises to get these memory-intensive tasks done with little hassle. This new desktop is priced at $549 upwards and is now available at several retail outlets and Dell’s website.

However, it won’t just be the suits benefitting from Dell’s new offerings. Two new Inspiron laptops will also fly Ivy Bridge’s colors, and these are special editions of the Inspiron 14R and 15R. These two laptops cater to gamers and families, as both boast of high-end audio and video for games and multimedia.

However, both laptops are, at presstime, only available in some parts of Asia, and specifications are still largely unknown. We will keep you posted, though, once both laptops are out in other parts of the world and once we learn more about the specs.