Current Mortgage Rates: Wells Fargo Fixed, ARM and FHA Refinance Mortgage Rates for August 13

Current Mortgage Rates: Wells Fargo Fixed, ARM and FHA Refinance Mortgage Rates for August 13Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC), which is headquartered in San Francisco, is one of the premier bank holding companies in the United States. Wells Fargo offers diverse financial and banking services, including home mortgage loans. In today’s mortgage report we are going to disclose the latest mortgage interest rates for Wells Fargo’s refinance loan packages. These quotes are given assuming the borrower has strong credit status and that he is ready to pay 1.00% of the total loan value in origination costs. Below are the latest mortgage interest rates available for August 13, 2013.

Wells Fargo offers several mortgage solutions for home refinancing, including the 30-year fixed rate deal, which opens at 4.500% and comes with an APR of 4.673%.

Those who think the 15-year fixed refinance loan fits the bill better, will need to pay 3.500% in interest, whilst the corresponding APR variable stands at 3.795%.

Other borrowers who rather go for the FHA-backed version of the 30-year fixed refinance loan will see it being advertised today at a rate of 4.375%, with the corresponding APR setting at 5.569%.

In addition to fixed rate loans, the lender advertises more flexible adjustable rate mortgages as well. The 5/1 ARM is available starting at 3.250% and it’s accompanied by an APR variable of 3.164%. In case of the 5/1 ARM FHA version of this package, it has an asking rate of 3.625% and an APR variable of 3.583%, the lender’s latest rate information revealed.

Other home refinancing alternatives, which apply to larger loan amounts in eligible areas, include the 30-year fixed loan, which as of today stands at 4.625% and carries an APR figure of 4.755%. For larger loan amounts, Wells Fargo’s mortgage portfolio also includes the 30-year fixed FHA-backed deal, which can be used to refinance an existing loan. Today the aforementioned mortgage can be acquired at a rate of 4.500% and features 5.660% by way of APR. Borrowers, who are deliberating the 5-year ARM with larger loan amounts, will need to pay 3.500% in interest and features an APR of 3.212%.

Besides that, non-conforming loans, including jumbo mortgages, are advertised by Wells Fargo. Currently, the 30-year fixed Jumbo loan is carrying 4.375% in interest. The corresponding annual percentage rate for this loan is 4.489%. The 5-year ARM Jumbo offering is offered at 2.875% and an APR of 2.979% rounds out the deal.

More details on today’s mortgage interest rates are available on the lender’s website.