Current Mortgage Interest Rates: 30-Year Fixed, FHA and VA Mortgage Rates at US Bank and Quicken Loans for January 21

30-Year VA Mortgage RatesTwo major lenders in the country, U.S. Bank (NYSE:USB) and Quicken Loans updated their mortgage interest rates for January 21, 2015, which are discussed below.

By browsing through the lender’s popular fixed home purchase loans today, we can come across the standard 30-year conventional home loan, which presently has an opening rate of 3.750% and carries an APR of 3.821%. The shorter-term, 15-year fixed conventional home loan is coming out at 3.125%. The loan package is accompanied by an APR variable of 3.249%.

U.S. Bank’s non-conventional home loan packages include the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-insured 30-year fixed mortgage loan. The bank is offering this mortgage package at a rate of 3.750% and the corresponding APR variable is set at 5.305%.

Moving on to other non-conventional loan offerings, the 30-year fixed rate VA mortgage can be secured today at a rate of 3.750%. The corresponding annual percentage rate is 4.088%, according to the latest data from the lender. In case of the shorter, 15-year VA mortgage, the current mortgage rate hovers at 3.125% and the loan package includes an APR variable of 3.717%.

With regards to the latest non-conventional mortgage packages, the 30-year fixed jumbo loan is listed at a rate of 4.000%. In case of the APR, it hovers at 4.072%. Shorter-term jumbo loans are also available, including the 15-year jumbo mortgage, which has an opening rate of 3.625%. The corresponding APR variable is 3.750%.

Under U.S. Bank’s home loan program borrowers can find more flexible loan options as well. The list of mortgage loans, which has more interest rate flexibility, includes the 5-year adjustable rate mortgage. This loan package retained its interest rate level at 2.625%. According to the latest data, the APR figure hovers at 2.855%. Others, who prefer the 3-year ARM alternative, it’s quoted at a rate of 2.750% and the APR is published at 2.914%.

Quicken Loans is also a top mortgage provider, which is headquartered in Detroit. The financial institution advertises various loan packages for potential borrowers. Looking at current refinance rates at this lender, the 30-year mortgage loan is quoted at a rate of 3.75%. The corresponding annual percentage is quoted at 3.966%. Borrowers, who favor the shorter-term, 15-year fixed refinance loan, can expect to pay 2.99% in interest cost. The loan’s APR stands at 3.425%, today’s interest rate information revealed.

Federal Housing Administration-backed loans are also offered by Quicken Loans. Presently, the 15-year fixed FHA mortgage is carrying a rate of 2.75%. The loan is coupled with an APR figure of 3.778%.

The Detroit-headquartered lender is offering the 7/1 adjustable rate at 3.25%, which is coupled with an APR variable of 3.297%.

For further details on U.S. Bank’s and Quicken Loans’ latest mortgage interest rates, please take a visit to the lenders’ websites or contact the loan officers in charge.