Connectivity Problems Reportedly Plague Refreshed MacBook Air Notebooks

Several users of the newly-refreshed MacBook Air from Apple have reported inconsistent wireless connectivity, as seen on a thread on Apple’s Support Communities forum.

Photo credit: Apple

Photo credit: Apple

It would appear that there is a growing number of users of the refreshed thin-and-light who experience dropped Wi-Fi connection without any advance warning or explanation. Both 11-inch and 13-inch versions of the MacBook Air refresh appear to be affected by these issues.

On top of the rising number of complaints on Apple’s support forums, Gizmodo reported separately that an unnamed Apple retail store representative told the site that the store has been receiving “well above average” complaints regarding wireless connectivity on the new MacBook Air interations.

According to some complaints on the support site, many users claim that the Wi-Fi issues occur regardless of the router they use, even Apple’s AirPort routers. While these users are able to connect to Wi-Fi at the onset, their connection tends to drop after just a short period online. Currently, there hasn’t been any viable workaround presented, except for a few cases of users trying a different router to circumvent the problem.

The new MacBook Air notebooks were launched and released last week at Apple’s 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Improvements on the notebooks, aside from faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity, included new Intel Haswell processors and extended battery life – an increase from five to nine hours on the 11-inch version of the MacBook Air, and an increase from seven to 12 on the 13-inch device.