Blackberry 10 Rumors: Spanish Site Posts 10-Minute Video Tour for BlackBerry 10

If you ask the always upbeat executives over at Research in Motion, BlackBerry 10 will revitalize the company’s fortunes without a doubt. It will be an operating system that could be mentioned in the same breath, or even turn out to be better than comparable iOS or Android platforms.

However, if you ask market analysts or tech experts, most of them are quite skeptical about the odds of BlackBerry 10. Still, it’s hard to deny that the platform shows promise, as previewed in a 10-minute video posted on Spanish tech site Muy Computer.

The video is entirely in Spanish, but nonetheless most should be able to understand what is going on as the upcoming platform is demonstrated in depth. The video tour was conducted by Claudio Roselli, RIM’s Regional Senior Product Manager for Spain, and made use of RIM’s Dev Alpha B, a developmental test device running the BB10 platform.

Some of the highlights of the video included the OS’ multitasking capabilities, the convenient BlackBerry Hub feature, RIM’s own application store (much like the Apple App store or Google Play) and the adaptive lock screen.

Muy Computer was also at the most recent stopover of the BlackBerry Jam 2012 expo, an event dedicated to educating developers about the potential to create apps for BB10 or port their apps to the new operating system. A RIM managing director told the site that the new generation of BlackBerry phones would be able to achieve the proverbial effectiveness and efficiency through the BlackBerry 10 OS working in concert with cloud services and a respective device’s hardware.