Black Friday Carrier Deals – This Year’s Offerings from the Rest of the Big Four

Black Friday Carrier Deals – This Year’s Offerings from the Rest of the Big FourCarriers aren’t traditional sources of huge Black Friday discounts. We did tell you last time that most people will be content with checking the usual sources, such as retail stores, but there are other sources for great Black Friday deals, and these include mobile carriers. We already talked you through Verizon’s Black Friday 2015 campaign in depth, but it’s not the only one you can choose from, as AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile also have their own plans for the current week and the coming days. Let’s get to them, as we focus this time around on those three carriers.

AT&T’s deals include one that allows buyers to purchase a Samsung Galaxy View tablet – that’s the gigantic Samsung tablet with 18.4-inch display and 4G LTE, with 64GB internal memory. Sounds good? The carrier is offering the tablet for $99 with a two-year contract and a data plan, and that’s a better deal, if you come to think of it, than paying $599 upfront for the tablet. The price quoted above, however, does not include the $45 activation fee. You could also get a Samsung Gear S smartwatch for $0.99 on a two-year agreement, and 40 percent off on peripherals like Belkin’s charging products, the OtterBox Defender series of high-end mobile cases, and LG’s Tone Pro Bluetooth headsets.

Moving on to Sprint, the carrier is allowing customers to lease a Samsung Galaxy S6 with 32GB internal memory for only $9 per month, which is half of the original lease rate of $18. You can take advantage of this Black Friday deal if you are an existing customer on an upgrade, adding a new line of service, but also if you’re a new customer who has just hopped aboard Sprint after leaving another carrier. Sprint deals also include a free 24-inch LG HDTV set if you activate an LG G4. That TV set has a MSRP of $179.99, so that’s almost $180 of good value if you activate your G4 with the carrier. Additionally, Sprint has a plethora of wearable devices up for sale, including the Fitbit Charge ($89.99, $40 off), or the Garmin vivoactive smartwatch ($169.99, $80 off). Sprint’s Black Friday deals kick off on its website on November 26, and would run through the 27th of the month.

T-Mobile’s deals include a budget tablet – the Alcatel Pixi 7-inch 4G LTE – which will cost you zero down and no payments, provided you have a “qualifying” data plan. We never underestimate the importance of that Q-word, so make sure you do your homework and check for any fine print. From November 26 through the 29th of the month, you can also get a Galaxy S6 with 32GB storage for zero down and no monthly payments, provided that supplies last. You’ll also get $100 off on accessories like the UE Boom Bluetooth waterproof speaker, as well as free unlimited high-speed data for three months if you’re a Simple Choice phone plan member.

So as you can see here, we’ve got three carriers with a long list of deals (a fourth, including Verizon), giving you lots of choices for Black Friday once you’re ready to start shopping.