BBM Video Service May Be Included in BlackBerry 10

BBM Video Service May Be Included in BlackBerry 10Could Research in Motion be on its way to a renaissance of sorts?

Anticipation for the BlackBerry 10 operating system and the two new phones to debut the platform is increasing as we get closer to January 30, the previously announced launch date for both phones and OS. Stock prices are now well above $10 and while losses can be expected in RIM’s next quarterly report, it might not be as bad as last time.

As for BlackBerry 10, a new leak suggests that the BlackBerry Messenger Video service may be included in the platform.

BBM Video comes soon after BBM Voice, a recently announced service that allows users to make free calls as long as they’re connected via Wi-Fi. This has already been confirmed by RIM, so that should be good to go next month. BBM Video has not been confirmed by the Canadian company, but should be another exciting feature to look forward to, if the rumors are accurate – this would allow BBM users to make video calls much in the same way as they could via Skype.

CrackBerry posted an internal document describing BBM Video, and aside from basic video calls, the service allows users to “chat with a colleague or customer then transition to a video call for improved collaboration.” Users can also share business presentations or spreadsheets “with the push of a button”, which could make this very handy for customers who would use their BB10-powered handsets for business purposes.