AT&T Scores with Pre-iPhone 5 ‘Buzzer-Beating’ 4G LTE Network Expansion

With only a few days remaining before the September 21 release of the Apple iPhone 5, AT&T added two major Southern markets this week to its 4G LTE network.

The new 4G LTE markets are located in Memphis, Tenn. and Birmingham, Ala., two generously-sized markets that should greatly benefit from using the new iPhone on AT&T. The iPhone 5 is Apple’s first foray into 4G LTE support; its last iPhone, the 4S, didn’t come with 4G LTE despite being released at a time when more and more devices were designed to be compatible with the new standard.

However, the Birmingham and Memphis markets still aren’t enough to boost AT&T’s ranks to a hundred markets; it is a distant second to Verizon Wireless, which has over 300 LTE markets in the United States, a number that could grow to around 400 before the end of the year.

Compared to 3G connectivity, 4G LTE is said to be several times faster when connecting to the Internet. Users can view their favorite video clips or movies on LTE with little to no buffering time, while surfing the Web is an almost instantaneous process – no more waiting a while for your favorite page to fill the screen.

It may take some time for AT&T subscribers, including those in Memphis and Birmingham, to get their pre-ordered iPhone 5 units; the current status of the new iPhone on AT&T is at “back order”, which means those who had pre-ordered may get the device as late as next month.