AT&T Adds Two More Networks in Pacific Northwest Ahead of iPhone 5 Release

Shortly after it added two 4G LTE networks in the Southern part of the United States, AT&T introduced the new connectivity standard to two more markets, with just a few days remaining before the iPhone 5’s stateside release.

The new 4G LTE markets are located in Seattle and Portland, which means AT&T iPhone 5 buyers from those cities would be able to access the Internet via LTE right off the bat when the iPhone 5 is released tomorrow.

So far, AT&T has 72 LTE markets, including the recently-launched markets in Seattle, Portland, Birmingham, Ala. and Memphis, Tenn. Networks were also added this month in Anchorage, Ala., Bakersfield, and Modesto, Calif., Bridgeport, Conn., Jacksonville, Fla., Omaha, Neb. and Syracuse, N.Y. If everything turns out as planned, AT&T should have one hundred LTE markets by the end of 2012.

A list of cities that should soon have 4G LTE can be viewed on AT&T’s network coverage page on the Internet.

Despite AT&T’s big plans to expand its network, Verizon Wireless still has the widest 4G LTE coverage in America by far. More than 370 cities are covered by Verizon’s 4G LTE, and there may be more than 400 before the year ends. It stands to reason that Verizon subscribers would still benefit the most from the iPhone 5 being the first-ever Apple handset to support Long-Term Evolution.

Sprint, which will also offer the iPhone 5, also has its own growing 4G LTE network, albeit one that covers less than 20 cities as of this time.