Apple User Interface Slammed as Obsolete by BlackBerry CEO

BlackBerry Chief Executive Thorsten Heins insinuated in a recent interview that Apple’s user interface for the iPhone is out of date and has failed to keep up with the times in terms of platform innovation.

Photo credit: Apple

Photo credit: Apple

Speaking to the Australian Financial Review, Heins said that Apple has mostly stuck to the same old user interface design on its iPhone since the first device was released in 2007. According to Heins, that may have been well and good with the first-ever iPhone, but with the present generation of handsets, such an interface is obsolete.

“The rate of innovation is so high in our industry that if you don’t innovate at that speed you can be replaced pretty quickly,” said Heins. “The user interface on the iPhone, with all due respect for what this invention was all about, is now five years old.” Heins, however, added that the iPhone is a device that has to be “respected” in the world of consumer electronics.

Apple’s iOS operating system, together with Google’s Android, has dominated the smartphone platform market for quite some time, and can arguably be described as the two companies most responsible for BlackBerry’s fall into obscurity in the market. Despite that, Heins remains optimistic that the new BlackBerry 10 operating system could help the Canadian company come back strong.

“Launching BlackBerry 10 put us on the starting grid of the wider mobile computing grand prix, and now we need to win it,” related Heins.