Apple TV Prototype Sighted by Insider?

apple tv, apple itv, apple ipanel, ipanel, apple tv release date, apple tv rumors, apple tv features, apple tv siriThere are two main types of people who read tech articles – one type prefers to read about the latest game-changing moves in the financial chess game gadget manufacturers play, highfalutin tech jargon be damned. The other type is happiest when he or she reads about the latest features and specs of upcoming or present-day gadgets but couldn’t care less about stock prices or analyst predictions.

In past weeks, we kept the first type happy with some juicy dollars-and-cents reports on the Apple TV and its expected release date. Now we’ll cater to the second type, as a new report from Cult of Mac claims that one of their insiders actually saw a working prototype of the Apple TV.

The insider claimed that the new Apple TV will make use of Siri and iSight for face recognition and motion detection respectively, and look quite similar to your average Cinema Display monitor, also by Apple. AirPlay will allow streaming media from another Apple device to the television itself.

Could this possibly be the manifestation of the late Steve Jobs’ much-quoted quip about cracking the Apple TV secret?

It may very well be, but then again, it may not. We should take this revelation with almost the same grain of salt that comes with your typical Elvis Presley sighting. Not only is Cult of Mac’s source unnamed, but prototypes often never see the light of day in retail shelves. And it may not even be a prototype of an Apple TV to begin with.

Going back to the business side of things, analysts are conflicted over the Apple TV’s tentative release date. NPD Display Search’s Paul Gagnon is more optimistic as he expects the Apple TV to be out next year.

Last, week, however, Mark Moskowitz of JP Morgan Chase was interviewed by PC World, and he cited ongoing economic struggles as the main reason the television may be out by 2014 at the earliest.