Apple Starts Shipping iPod Touch, iPod Nano

With the focus squarely on the tight initial supplies of the iPhone 5, many of us have seemingly forgotten that Apple’s latest smartphone is not the Cupertino-based manufacturer’s only new device to suffer some sort of shipping delays that indicate palpable supply constraints.

Photo credit: Apple

AppleInsider reports that customers who took out a pre-order of the iPod Touch and iPod Nano when this purchase option was first made available in mid-September have now received confirmation that the new media players are now on their way from their production facilities in China, and should be on buyers’ door steps by early next week.

Apple hasn’t given out an actual availability date for the new iPods, and instead only gave a rough October release window. To an extent, the apparent delay could be attributed to the iPod Touch’s 4-inch screen, which is very similar to the display panel used in the iPhone 5. In turn, tight supplies for these displays have been blamed for the relatively low numbers of iPhone 5s that were available for its initial launch.

Both the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano come with redesigned chassis. The higher-end iPod Touch features a similar chassis to the iPhone 5, while the iPod Nano marks a return to the rectangular form factor used in previous generations of the media player, before the introduction of the current square device.

According to the official user manual of the new iPod Touch, it would pack the same A5 system-on-a-chip use in the previous generation of iPhone. While its 4-inch screen has the same resolution and pixel density as the iPhone 5, other main components, including battery and rear camera, have seen a substantial downgrade from the smartphone.