Apple Might Be Announcing iTV OS at WWDC 2012

Popular tech blog, Boy Genius Report (BGR)’s inside sources are at it again. According to the site’s insider sources, Apple will be previewing the operating system for their long-awaited “connected television set” at next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to be held in San Francisco.

According to BGR, the operating system would be previewed to allow third-party companies to create applications that would work on Apple’s new device, still known to most as the “iTV.”

This OS would have more features than the OS being used by the present-generation Apple TV. While its immediate purpose would be an upgrade to the aforementioned Apple TV OS, the sources added that it would definitely work on the next-gen iTV. Among the functionalities that would be compatible with the new OS is a revolutionary new API that would control both the TV itself and any other components connected to it.

While Apple will be unveiling a new OS, it is unlikely that the Cupertino, CA company will announce the television set itself. This may follow later on in the year, most probably in the second quarter, said BGR’s sources.

Most of the rumors pertaining to the iTV in recent weeks have centered on the dollars-and-cents side of things, so we don’t know much about what could be a part of the next-gen connected TV set. Still, we’re hoping BGR is accurate this time around, as the site hasn’t exactly been on the level in recent months.