Apple May Release Next-Gen iMacs Next Year

Without a doubt, Apple’s new line of MacBook Pro notebooks were, and still remain the main conversation piece at the Cupertino, CA company’s yearly Worldwide Developers Conference. The Apple expo kicked off on Monday and will run till Friday, June 15, and garnering the most attention were the next-generation versions of the MacBook Pro, as well as improved versions of the existing MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

However, Apple’s line of desktop computers, the iMac, was conspicuously missing from the WWDC 2012 keynote.

According to a new report from the New York Times dated June 11, an unnamed Apple executive stated that it may be next year when the next generation of iMac and Mac Pros would be released. This, according to New York Times writer David Pogue, should be enough to allay any concerns about Apple giving up on the desktop computer market.

However, this may not be enough to appease certain tech observers who still believe Apple isn’t doing enough for its desktop computers. Market analysts have pointed out that most of Apple’s revenue now comes from the iPhone and its operating system, iOS.

And there are still several tech bloggers who are less than impressed with Apple’s efforts – or lack thereof – to update or improve the iMac and Mac Pro.

There were some minor changes made to the Mac Pro that were revealed at yesterday’s WWDC keynote, but instead of using Intel’s new Ivy Bridge chipset, the updated Mac Pro includes a two-year-old Intel chipset, the Sandy Bridge Xeon E5. This minor update was unimpressive to many observers, including Marco Arment, a tech blogger who commented, with rather colorful language, that Apple doesn’t care about the Mac Pro line.

As usual, Apple was not available to comment on the New York times report.