Apple iWatch Surfaces on Ciccarese Design Concept Render

Italian design crew Ciccarese Design has come up with a custom rendering of the so-called Apple “iWatch”, a device that is now believed to be due for launch sometime next year. While Samsung may likely be unveiling the Galaxy Gear smartwatch two weeks from now at the “Unpacked Episode 2” launch event in Germany, Apple’s iWatch may be a good one year more away from making its debut.

However, that hasn’t stopped Ciccarese from cooking up a concept for what should be Apple’s first-ever smartwatch product.

The design crew had actually manufactured prototypes for its concept, with two copies to test how the device would appear in terms of aesthetics. Photos of the concept have apparently gotten good reviews from viewers, and it looks like the iWatch concept does indeed look smart and understated, while also boasting a lot of function as an iOS 7-powered device.

Sadly, no other specifications were mooted by the Ciccarese Design team, as the team had mainly focused on the design aspects of the iWatch, rather than specs and features that might not actually make it to the device once it gets launched.

Apple iWatch Surfaces on Ciccarese Design Concept RenderConcept Phones, which spotlighted the iWatch concept, described the wearable device as something akin to “those big metallic bracelet [sic] that were so fashionable for the ladies over the past years.”

Still, it appears like a type of device that should appeal to men and women alike, as Ciccarese designed its concept as one that shouldn’t feel too uncomfortable or rigid. It also would appear as if the concept comes in different colors – at least five, as suggested by the design team’s video.