Apple iTV Production to Start in May

apple itv, itv, apple tv, apple itv release date, apple itv features Now that the iPad 3 will soon be out in the market, rumor has it that the Apple television shall go into production as early as May of this year.

A credible Apple analyst revealed that the iTV project is expected to be in place anytime soon. Peter Miske, a Jefferies analyst, claims that evidence of the Apple iTV production has surfaced during his recent visit to Asia.

He reported that the said device will be out in stores by end of the year, claiming that Apple is producing between two to five million connected TVs during its initial run.

To back up his claim, Miske stipulated that several components of the Apple iTV such as polarized films, filters and other necessary parts for production have been ordered and are currently in shipment.

The buzz about the Apple iTV was inevitably outshone by the launch of the latest iPad, which is expected to hit one million sales on its launch date alone.

Nevertheless, ever since the revelation that Apple’s third-generation tablet was going to be in stores by March 16, rumors about the Apple iTV have resurfaced once again.