Angry Birds: Space Now Available for Multiple Platforms

angry birds space, angry birds space release date, angry birds space priceAs promised, Finnish software company Rovio released the long-awaited Angry Birds sequel yesterday, much to the delight of everyone who played – and loved – this simple, yet extremely addictive game. The sequel, entitled Angry Birds: Space, will be set in outer space, as the name implies, the eponymous birds and their pig enemies literally take their rivalry to another level.

So far, reviews of the new game have been overwhelmingly positive, a contrast to the initial doubts raised just a few weeks prior to its release. This should be good news for Rovio, as analysts are predicting 50 million downloads within one month from release. Not bad for a small company – taking the gaming world by storm with something as uncomplicated yet enjoyable as Angry Birds.

What can users expect from Angry Birds: Space?

The game features sixty exciting new levels, though as you would see in the next paragraph, it won’t cost you much to check it all out for yourself. Again, gamers all over the world have been effusive in giving praise to the Angry Birds sequel, so there’s a good chance you might catch Angry Birds fever with the sequel if you didn’t take on it the first time around.

Download prices for Angry Birds: Space are as follows: $0.99 for users of the iPhone and iPod Touch and Android device users purchasing the game at the Google Play Store, $2.99 for the iPad and at the Amazon Appstore, $4.99 at the Mac App Store and $5.95 at Rovio’s own online store.

A free version is also available for Android smartphones, albeit with ads.