Android Leads US Smartphone Market, despite Growth in iPhone Sales

samsung galaxy s2, galaxy s2, smartphone market, us smartphone marketSmartphones are now making its mark in history as Nielsen’s latest data show that these devices account for almost 50% of all mobile phones sold in the United States.

The market research giant made an analysis from this time last year up to February 2012 and based on their findings, it appears that Android smartphones continue to dominate the US market. Apple’s iPhone gained traction at the same time, while RIM’s Blackberry showed significant losses.

There was obvious decline on the sales figures of feature phones and basic mobile units as the smartphone population increased to 49.7%, owning nearly half the business market. Nielsen noted hat this figure was just 36% about a year ago and that in the recent quarter alone, two third of mobile phone sales were smartphones.

A summary of Nielsen’s mobile insights puts Android on top with 48% smartphone market share, followed by a now bigger 32.1% share for Apple’s iPhone and finally RIM’s Blackberry dives to a mere 11.6% share.

The launch of the iPhone 4S last October played a major role in boosting Apple’s market share. In the first quarter of 2012, figures show, that 48% of consumers picked Android smartphones, 43% opted for iPhones, while only 5% purchased Blackberry handsets.

A noteworthy finding here is that Android may have the majority of market share, but their sales come from various manufacturers, while Apple’s significant share only represent three company-manufactured smartphone models, the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS.

From this information emerges the conclusion that Apple as a manufacturer is in the lead, but it’s iOS only comes second to Android as platform of choice.