Amazon Black Friday 2015 – Big Discounts on Unlocked Phones

Amazon Black Friday 2015 - Big Discounts on Unlocked PhonesAmazon’s Black Friday 2015 discounts are chock full of different tech items, and we have been covering them quite faithfully over the past few days. We’ve shared some Kindle device deals, some HDTV deals, some handheld console (Nintendo 3DS, Sony PS Vita) deals, and now, we shall be looking at the retailer’s specials on unlocked phones. These days, it’s becoming much easier to purchase phones off-contract, thanks to T-Mobile’s Uncarrier initiative and other carriers offering schemes that allow buyers to pay off the cost of their off-contract phone over a span of one year, two years, or a year and a half. But as most people will attest to, it can be hard budgeting things if you’re not only paying for your phone bill, but also your phone on a monthly basis.

Sometimes, it’s a better idea to buy your device outright – no contracts, no monthly payments to pay down the device, just one upfront payment and you’re good to go on all supported networks, and not just one. So with that said, let’s take you to Amazon’s Black Friday deals on unlocked phones.

Want to get yourself an older Samsung Galaxy phone and pay less for it? You may think that you’ll be best served looking somewhere else, but the present-day flagship, the Galaxy S6 is available for just $492, instead of the full-fat price of $699.99. But there are older phones too, if five hundred dollars (or close to that) is out of your price range. If you’re okay with owning an older device that still holds up well specs-wise, you might want to save some money on the Samsung Galaxy S5. A white version of the Galaxy S5 is now selling for $345, which is less than half of the original $799.99 price tag when it was first released. And going back a little further, the Galaxy Note 3 is also available in white flavor, and that device will cost you only $251.99.

It isn’t only Samsung phones available in the flagship or ex-flagship category, as the LG G4 comes with a price tag of $399.99, or $300 less than the original $699.99 price. Last year’s HTC One M8 is also unbelievably cheap, as it will only set you back by $234.99, or $125 off full pricing of $359.99. And to prove that we’re not just focusing on Android phones, the BlackBerry Z30 costs $212.07 (reg. price $249.99) if you’re in the market for a business-oriented smartphone from the once-mighty Canadian company.

Amazon also has some deals on some budget Android phones, like the BLU Studio 5.0 II, which used to cost $169.99, but now is priced at only $74.97. The Indigi Mega 7” “SmartPhone Phablet Tablet” would be a generic if it didn’t have a brand name and a model name, but it is an interesting device, and it is filed under unlocked phones – that device costs $99.29, or $50.70 less than the original $149.99 price tag. These devices, just to let you know, are as far as you can get from flagship, or even midrange territory, but anyone transitioning from feature phone to smartphone may want to get started with either one of them.