All the Best Mobile Gadget (Phone, Tablet, Smartwatch) Specials for Black Friday 2015

All the Best Mobile Gadget (Phone, Tablet, Smartwatch) Specials for Black Friday 2015Most of us know how hard it is to shop on Black Friday. Overnight, mild-mannered individuals start turning into WWE heels (bad guys) when it comes to their retail store etiquette, all because they want to call dibs on popular items. That’s why a lot of consumers have decided to take their shopping online, all for the comfort of avoiding those lines and avoiding those run-ins with rude customers. But regardless of whether you prefer to shop online or shop in person, it would be nice to save some money on Thanksgiving week, right?

This deals recap shall touch on the best deals we’ve found on smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches – in other words, we’re going to be zooming in on the best gadget deals for Black Friday 2015. However, we shall mostly look at what the manufacturers themselves have to offer to shoppers on Black Friday, which is today. Not to worry, though, as a lot of these deals will be valid for a few days after Black Friday 2015 is all over and done with. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go check ‘em out.

Apple, unfortunately, doesn’t have any Black Friday deals worth mentioning from its end, but we have detailed numerous times how third-party retailers like Best Buy have discounts on older iPads, the present-gen iPad mini 4 and the minis before it, and select iPhone models. Best Buy, incidentally, is offering “up to $100 savings” on all Apple Watches except the premium Edition.

Next up, let’s talk you through BlackBerry’s Black Friday deals. The Canadian phone maker is discounting all of its Classic, Leap, and Passport variants by 20 percent through December 1, though one notable omission in its specials for this week is the BlackBerry Priv, one of the company’s newer devices. But if you come to think of it, you can buy an unlocked, off-contract BlackBerry Passport for just $400, if you’re curious about the device’s rather peculiar square form factor, as well as the company’s usual array of high-end security and business features. The Leap, on the other hand, offers dirt-cheap ($180) pricing as one of BlackBerry’s few all-touch smartphones.

Like BlackBerry has for the past several years, HTC has fallen on some hard, hard times as of late, and it goes without saying that the company’s fallen quite a bit since the first HTC One (M7) was released to critical acclaim and commercial success. Its Hot Deals, which once were only good for one day in a week, are now valid for a full week, allowing you more than enough time to get the item you want while supplies last. The Google Nexus 9, as it’s an HTC-made device, leads them off, as it’s selling for 40 percent off. You can also get a free Logitech keyboard bundled in with your purchase as part of this deal, though once again, all offers are good while supplies last.

Huawei has been keeping quite busy lately, having very recently launched the Mate 8 phablet. But its piece de resistance for Black Friday 2015 is its Android Wear smartwatch, the Huawei Watch. The entry-level variant is selling for up to $100 off through retail giants Amazon, Best Buy, Target, the Google Play Store, and Huawei’s own website.

Microsoft’s been one of the busier tech companies this Thanksgiving week, and its Black Friday specials include items such as the Surface Pro 3, which sells for up to $200 off depending on variant, and the Surface 3 + Type Cover bundle, which is available for $150 off. These deals started yesterday, though there’s still time to take advantage of them. Other deals that launched yesterday on the Microsoft website include the Roku Streaming Stick ($40), the Lenovo Ideacenter Stick 300 PC ($70), and the Fitbit Charge ($90) – these aren’t Microsoft-branded products, but they are selling on the company’s website, and selling quite affordably at that.

Here’s something interesting – OnePlus has a Black Friday campaign coming on the heels of the release of its new flagship, the OnePlus 2. Its deals apparently come with a twist, though – there don’t seem to be any cash discounts, but the company, which is usually invite-only, is making an exception this week by not requiring interested buyers to have an invitation to make the purchase. The company’s deals run from November 27 through November 30, again allowing shoppers a whole lot of time to take advantage of the lower prices.

Wonder what smartwatch maker Pebble is up to this week? Earlier this year, the company released the all-new Pebble Time smartwatch, and you can now buy it for just $130, with the upscale Pebble Steel costing you $200. The first-generation Pebble Classic costs $70, which is $30 off the original price of $100. Though most smartwatch buyers would rather buy an Apple Watch or any one of several Android Wear smartwatches these days, it was Pebble that arguably got the craze off the ground, and its devices do work with both Android smartphones and iPhones alike.

A whole lot of Samsung items are selling at discounted prices, though it’s arguably the carriers who have the best deals out there. The Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, and Note 5, all 2015 devices, are all selling at full price, but AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are giving out $250 gift cards to anyone who buys those phones. You can also get good deals on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 and 9.7 tablets, which cost $350 and $400 respectively, as well as the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, which costs $550. The super-budget Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is one of the rare sub-$100 tablets out there, selling for $80. The Gear S2 ($250) and Gear S2 Classic ($300) have gotten small discounts in the smartwatch space, though you can spend less on older smartwatches like the Gear 2 Neo ($130) and Gear Fit ($80).

Last, but not the least, ZTE’s Black Friday deals started as early as Monday, but you can still take advantage of the Chinese phone maker’s Black Friday deals. The unlocked Zmax 2, which is one of the company’s newest devices, is selling for $50 off, same with the Axon. Additionally, you can save $70 or $100 off the price of the Axon Pro, depending on whether you choose the 32GB or 64GB variant; this is the ZTE phone you want if you’re looking for a true high-ender.